Our partners and associates play a myriad of roles at TWACCI and have various degrees of participation. Currently, we are busy building our network of funders, researchers and supporters ... 



JOHNSON-BELL is an international wine writer, conference speaker and author. Her most recent climate change-related book is Wine and Climate Change: Wine-making in a New World with Blind Drunk: Are We Running Out of Wine? to be published in Fall of 2019. More than 25 years of following the world’s wine harvests has given her a bird’s eye view of the effect of climate change on nature’s most susceptible agricultural crop, the Vitis vinifera.  In 2017 she has founded The Wine and Climate Change Institute to focus on adapting EU appellation laws; the feasibility of irrigation; the determination of cool-climate regions; and the long-term sustainability of viticulture. She consults wine producers on climate-proofing their vineyards, is a conference speaker and a viticulture/climate change analyst. She received her wine training in France as former Editor-in-Chief of Vintage International Magazine in Paris, has a degree in International Relations from Scripps College, Claremont, California, studied at La Sorbonne and the SciencesPo as well as earning post-graduate diplomas in Law from Oxford Brookes University and the University of Oxford (OXILP).  She regularly works as an international wine judge, and is the head judge for the annual Welsh Wine Awards, and has contributed to dozens of international publications. She is a contributing author to the upcoming UN Encyclopedia of Sustainable Development Goals, writing in the Climate Action chapter on Water Management and Dry Farming and she is speaking and moderating at the Water Management panel at the upcoming Climate Change Leadership conference in Porto, Portugal, March 2019. She lives in Oxford, London and Wales. Visit www.THEWINELADY.com for more about her wine work and a fuller CV.

LAUREN BURNHILL is Managing Director of One Planet Ventures, practitioners of responsible investment and credit, drawing on best practices across a broad range of disciplines, including impact investment, project finance, development finance and private equity, and geographies. Different organizations and change agents have unique values, objectives and priorities. Our goal is to create financing strategies, processes and instruments that match priorities and align stakeholder interests in a way that optimizes for triple returns - financial, social, and environmental - and minimizes risk. Lauren began working in social impact in 1983 at the OAS. Over the past three decades, she has held increasingly responsible positions in emerging markets investments at the IIC, Barclays Bank (BZW), Ariel Ventures and most recently as Chief Investment Officer at ACCION International. At ACCION, Lauren developed new funds, achieved significant impact (end beneficiaries increased from 1 million to 7 million in under 3 years) and generated important financial results. Her experience covers a range of financial instruments across a variety of priority sectors, including microfinance, SME, technology & telecoms, health/nutrition and energy. Lauren’s most notable transaction work includes participating in the establishment of BancoSol (first commercial microfinance bank) and ProFund (first microfinance fund) and in the execution of the Banco Compartamos (first microfinance IPO) and Equity Bank IPOs, as well as the creation of Gateway Microfinance Infrastructure Fund (global first for investing in companies that serve microfinance institutions).




GWENAELLE DELCOURT RIESTRA is completing her MSc in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation at the Faculty for Risk Management and Societal Safety (Lund, Sweden) specialising in bridging climate change adaptation and disaster risk management at the community level for building resilience.

Previously, she completed a B.A. in Geography at Durham University (UK) where she sought to tie social and environmental perspectives through research in Hong Kong and Jerusalem. Upon graduating, she first worked as an adaptation analyst for the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP) in Oxford for a year and then at the European Commission in Brussels in auditing.

Most recently, she interned with the Resilience Programme of the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent (IFRC) regional office for the Caribbean region in Trinidad and Tobago and is involved in the BRACED DCF project as a knowledge product management consultant for the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

Passionate about TWACCI’s perspective on climate change related challenges and its solution-oriented mindset, she seeks to support our work through a breadth of activities, particularly through the use of her mother tongues, French and Spanish.



LANCE FARMAN lives in New Haven, Connecticut. He recently obtained a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Science from the University of Southern California. He also holds Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental and Natural Resources and Philosophy from the University of Wyoming. He has worked in many facets of the wine industry including production, storage, education, and sales.

With diversified experience in the business of wine he has developed a strong perspective on the impacts of climate change on wine from grape to glass. Utilising his GIS expertise to analyse and convey data via maps he hopes to help stakeholders and consumers to better understand the implications of a changing climate. TWACCI is the perfect conduit to help inform and mitigate future challenges. 


KATE BEAL, CEO and Joint Creative Director, WOODCUT MEDIA

Woodcut Media, part of Anthology Studios, was named one of the fastest growing TV production companies in the UK by Broadcast in 2016. Building on that momentum, 2017 saw Woodcut Media make its debut in the Televisual Production 100 and as a Real Screen 100 Production Company.

In addition to being one of the leaders in true crime in the UK, producing Jo Frost on Killer Kids and World’s Most Evil Killers (which has just been renewed for a third season in the US on REELZ) Woodcut Media’s rapidly growing catalogue includes specialist factual series (Combat Machines, Wings of War and Football: A Brief History By Alfie Allen) premium documentaries (Cut From A Different Cloth and Mandela, My Dad and Me both co-produced and featuring Idris Elba) and factual entertainment shows (Around the World in 80 Tricks, How Hacks Work and Animal Antics).

Woodcut Media’s growth has been driven by investment from the Anthology Group, run by former Agatha Christie Productions CEO, Hilary Strong. Specializing in non-scripted programming, Woodcut is led by Kate Beal, CEO/Founder, alongside Co-Founder, Matt Blyth, Creative Director, Derren Lawford, and Anthology Studios Chairman, Jeremy Mills (former Founder of Lion TV).

Kate has developed a Taster Tape for her co-production with Linda's BELLISSIMA FILMS, "Extreme Wines". For more information or to view taster: kate@woodcutmedia.com